“There are no mistakes, only beautiful bloopers” "iF You Can't Say iT, Sing iT"

Creative Song Writing for Children
(1-day workshop)


Yardley Arts, The Old School Hall, The Square, Yardley Hastings, Northampton, England, NN7 1EU (map)

Sophie was hired to put together a choir of 300 young adults
from scratch in just 3 days!

This took place over the course of just 3 days in London for The National Youth Theatre of Great Britain,

to sing Rag n Bone man’s ‘Human’ in 3 part harmony.

This incredible performance was the end result.

Please note; there was no full choir rehearsal before what you see here!

Did you know that singing improves:

It also stimulates the immune response, increases pain threshold and relieves stress.

About the books

The many benefits of singing on our mental and physical health have been well researched and published. When combined with song writing this provides a very powerful and creative tool kit. We all want a flood of feel-good endorphins in our body, don’t we? Singing does just that!

A piece of paper and a pen can have a profound impact on a person when used as a focal point to create a unique and personal song. For children this can be a life changing experience, it provides a fun way of exploring thoughts, processing emotions, and building confidence as they navigate their way through their feelings on an hourly basis every day!

For adults it is a truly immersive experience. An opportunity for self-exploration on a deep level or simply for the pure joy of writing about a warm summer day.

In my 15+ years of teaching my approach to singing and song writing, I have seen hundreds of children and adults experience life changing moments. This was achieved simply by giving people the tools, guidance and most importantly the space and time to express themselves through their own words.

Sophie Garner

Sophie is a qualified Youth Mental Health First Aider

The Creative Songwriting Journal

The ability of children to express themselves creatively is a vital part of growing up. Its benefits go far beyond having fun which is an added bonus for any child! creative expression provides an opportunity for self-learning, helping to develop social skills and resilience. Children have to navigate their way through many emotions, moods and experiences on a daily basis.

The Creative Songwriting Journal for 7-12-year-olds, was developed specifically to:

  • Build confidence
  • Encourage self-expression
  • Celebrate creativity

This unique and colourful journal is filled with creative exercises, quotes and inspiring activities. All providing a positive and empowering tool kit for children to process their own unique thoughts and feelings through songwriting, giving them a skill set to use long after finishing the journal.

If you can't say it, sing it!

iF You Can't Say iT, Sing iT!

If you Can’t say it Sing it’ is Sophie’s 2nd book and was published in April 2021. 

This beautiful ring bound journal is printed in full colour on thick high-quality paper with a soft feel cover. It is packed with exercises, ideas and mini projects to fill in, cut out and keep. 

They all encourage exploring emotions and self-understanding through song writing, creative storytelling and the one thing children have by the bucket load… imagination! 

This unique book is the perfect companion to Sophie’s first book ‘The Creative Song writing Journal’. You will learn skills that you can use and develop over and over again. 

There is even a unique ‘Keep Out’ sign to cut out and hang on your door for when you are practicing!

The Creative Songwriting Journal Book launch

Sophie in January 2022 delivering her Singing & Songwriting workshop to year 1 and 2 at Windmill Primary School in Raunds.

This is an excerpt from the 1st of 3 school day workshops working towards a whole school performance in July 2022.

Jai Ramage, Vocal Coach on ITV's Voice Kids says:

“This journal is a wonderful tool for sparking the imagination. It is full of exercises that guide the reader into harnessing their creativity. As well as being a pretty gift, The Creative Songwriting Journal is also educational.
A must-have for young creatives!”

Sue Atkins in Conversation with Sophie Garner

Sophie published her first book at the end of 2020 ‘The Creative Song writing Journal’ l for children 6-12 years. Building confidence, encouraging creativity, and supporting self-expression. This how to guide is packed with exercises, inspirational quotes and her own unique approach to song writing.

Since its release in December of 2020, it has been endorsed by Sue Atkins, BBC, Disney and ITV’s This Morning parenting expert. In the spring of 2021, just 3 months after publication. Sophie gained representation with Speaking About Books. This has been a very exciting start to 2021 and Sophie is proud to be under the same agency as the famous author, Michael Rosen.

Clementine Macmillan-Scott, Founder and Editor SCOOP Magazine says:

“This is a book that should be read by any child, parent or teacher interested in igniting and encouraging talent and creativity. It is so well structured and paced and also thoughtfully considered in terms of how children think and create, the mistakes they get nervous of making and the sorts of things that inspire them. I tried some of the exercises myself and then with my 7 year old daughter, it was a great pleasure and a guide we will turn to often."”

Personal Testimonials

Windmill Primary School
Songwriting Workshop
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Sophie managed in a small time to make the children think deeper about their emotions. She did this by exploring language used in current music. Her use of questioning lead to greater understanding of song lyrics. "I can do it if I put my mind to it!" exclaimed a boy in Year 5 when he came in from lunch ready for RE. Hopefully this is a shift in attitude that can be seen more regularly thanks to these song writing sessions.
Windmill Primary School
Songwriting Workshop
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The singing was a great way for all children to be creative. I noticed that some children, who are generally quite reserved within the normal environment of the classroom, really stepped out of their comfort zone and embraced the singing. The children worked well to show unity and were euphoric when they performed as a whole school. It was great that they felt accomplished. Sophie was a kind teacher who navigated the children well and opened them up to a whole new world.
Lola loved it!
Lola loved it!
Becky Dove
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My daughter took part in one of Sophie's song writing 5 day course, and loved it. Sophie has an unusual and open way of leading participants through the course. She is a great teacher. Thank you, Lola loved it and produced a beautiful song from it.
Sophie made it fully accessible and was brilliant and supporting.
Sophie made it fully accessible and was brilliant and supporting.
Hannah Beech
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My daughter, who is Blind, throughly enjoyed Sophie’s on line course. Sophie made it fully accessible and was brilliant and supporting her. Lydia, my daughter, learnt loads about song writing and also the exercises in Sophie’s new book...which we will be buying! Thanks Sophie!
I will definitely be recommending this book.
I will definitely be recommending this book.
Alice Lupton
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Sophie has created something truly magnificent with this book. So many young people are struggling to find a way the express themselves and this fabulous book allows them to feel free and creative with just a pen!
Using her incredible knowledge of music and her own life experiences Sophie really has put so much love into creating this book and will openly express how she wishes she had this book when she was younger.
I will definitely be recommending this book.
A treasure.
A treasure.
Sophie Taylor
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Sophie’s brilliant! The techniques she uses are clear and straightforward but produce fantastic results. You’ll have great fun following the steps and will produce something to be proud of and treasure forever.

The Independent Thinking Children's Book Festival
with Ian Gilbert and Sophie Garner

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