“There are no mistakes, only beautiful bloopers” "iF You Can't Say iT, Sing iT"

Night Night Sleep Tight


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I created this very special and unique set for a night time ritual aimed at promoting peaceful sleep, relaxation and to let go of worries. A poem created by me and printed onto a 400gsm. Accompanying this is a separate instruction and information postcard.

The magic for children here is in the little glass bottle filled with gold eco glitter. It contains a hanging heart from a cork stopper. On the neck of the bottle hangs a tibetan silver bird which you can use as you wish. It can be made into a necklace with your own chain or attached to a keyring or simply left hanging from the bottle. Children hold the bottle in one hand while either they or an adult reads the poem out loud. Each set has a small feather that has accidentally made it’s way into the little drawstring tote the bottle arrives in.

Included in this set are My 3 Little Birds.

A little paper envelope filled with hand punched orange, purple and blue birds on thick high quality card. There are 21 birds, 7 of each colour, reflecting the birds illustrated in both of my books.

These card birds were inspired by a little girl called Erin Olivia, who upon opening her parcel with my book and discovering a tiny sprinkle of paper punched birds on scrap paper; created the art work you see below. My 3 Little Birds were born.

They have many uses! Children can create art work with them, create speech bubbles to make a cartoon, or to decorate around the edges of a page of their own lyrics.

This powerful little tool kit comes beautifully gift wrapped.

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