“There are no mistakes, only beautiful bloopers” "iF You Can't Say iT, Sing iT"

Positive postcards


The price includes Postage & Packing for UK orders only.

For purchases outside the UK please email Sophie: hangarmusic@gmail.com

These 400gsm postcards have been designed by me. They contain a unique mix of uplifting exercises, lyrics, confidence building and calming instructions to help with anxiety, build confidence and support well-being.

You can use them in various ways, keep them in your bag, stuck in a journal, framed on the wall or keep them by your bed for a morning or bedtime ritual read, creating a positive habit.

Like a traditional postcard the other side is blank for you to use as you wish.

You can choose from a set of 4 or the complete set of 8.

They come gift wrapped.


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