“There are no mistakes, only beautiful bloopers” "iF You Can't Say iT, Sing iT"

The Creative Songwriting Journal

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The ability of children to express themselves creatively is a vital part of growing up. Its benefits go far beyond having fun which is an added bonus for any child! creative expression provides an opportunity for self-learning, helping to develop social skills and resilience. Children have to navigate their way through many emotions, moods and experiences on a daily basis.

The Creative Songwriting Journal for 7-12-year-olds, was developed specifically to:

  • build confidence
  • encourage self-expression
  • celebrate creativity

This unique and colourful journal is filled with creative exercises, quotes and inspiring activities. All providing a positive and empowering tool kit for children to process their own unique thoughts and feelings through songwriting, giving them a skill set to use long after finishing the journal!

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1 review for The Creative Songwriting Journal

  1. jessica (verified owner)


    I wish I had been given this book when I was a teenager! I would have learned to believe in myself much much sooner.
    This book is such a powerful tool for the young, especially those who are passionate about creativity and the arts.
    I love the practical elements that allow children to explore their creativity. This is such a fantastic resource ?

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